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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Today's Potpourri

It's been one of those "a little of this and a little of that" sort of days, so I thought I would share a melange of things...

I was surprised (being that it's still winter) by an unexpected visit from this Hover Fly today as we ate lunch while sitting on the porch swing.  It perched on an open jar of peanut butter, which I was eating with my apple...I'm sure it's trying to find sustenance wherever it can. Though it looks somewhat like a bee, it's harmless.  I've never seen anything like it before! 

As I walked to the mail box this afternoon, I noticed all the little rivers that the melting snow was creating.  Everything was flowing downhill, following the path of least resistance.  Not very pretty, but thought provoking.  
Then I saw this delicate ice formation on the side of a clay bank, also created by the slow drip of the melting snow, but in a cold enough spot for it to transform from water to ice as it dripped. Also following the path of least resistance.
Then I realized that I was walked the path of least resistance I was slipping and sliding and close to ending up on my bum.  So I moved to those areas of the road that still had ice and gravel, following the path of most resistance.  It reminded me of life...sometimes we are able to flow right along, but sometimes we need to choose a more challenging path to stand tall...hmmmm.

This guinea hen (I believe this is what it is) gave me a piece of it's mind as I walked past, and then turned it's head and strutted away as if to say "I've had enough of you"!  Made me laugh out loud.

I found this daffodil bud just beginning to open; it's heart holding the promise of the cheeriness about to unfold...

Last bit of today's potpourri?  Grilled venison burgers for dinner...I make them with some diced onion, plain bread crumbs, a little worcestershire, salt & pepper, a little parsley and an egg.  Mix everything together, make the patties and put them in the fridge (this helps them congeal so they hold together on the grill).  Put them on a bun with lettuce, tomato and some cheese, and you have pure deliciousness...and very little fat!

Yes there are 3 burgers, and yes we are only 2...1 is for another day, and you can be sure Johny ate the remnants of mine, which by the way is the one with real Swiss cheese and his is the one with American; I think American cheese is ewwww!

Thanks for reading my blog, you are the best f/f/r/s/f's, see you tomorrow,


Dad/Pepere said...

Loved today's blog...and I want one of those venison burgers with swiss cheese. Hugs! P.S. Gave your blog address to Tom and Elizabeth.

Lise said...

Thanks Dad, they were good! And thanks for helping spread the word about my blog, hopefully Tom and Elizabeth will check it out! Hugs back:)