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Monday, October 29, 2012

Our First Snow & An Unexpected Guest

I was thrilled when we woke this morning to a thin sprinkling of sleet/snow covering the bird feeders, the ramp railing and the deck.  It was pretty, and a good indicator of what was in store for us.  You may be wondering why I am so excited about this...one of the reasons we decided to come live up here is we wanted to be able to experience the seasons in their entirety...from the first buds of spring to the richness of summer (I could do without the high humidity) to the full color of of the fall leaves that drop and leave a barren forest to the first snow!  And here we are, the first snow of the season!  We are actually hopeful we might be able to pull out the sled tomorrow!  With all that said, please enjoy with me this snow sprinkled hydrangea...an homage to summer and fall, and likely the last time it will be so beautifully blue!

The temperature never rose above 36 degrees today, and the wind has had the chimes singing loudly all day.  I've watched as the snow clouds shrouded the mountains, bringing us snow flurries on and off.  I thoroughly enjoy standing on the porch and watching the snow come, there is a very distinct look to the clouds and the sky as it approaches.  You can see the snow falling just beyond the trees, a very different look from when rain is approaching, which has a much grayer look to the rain.

Here is a short video of the flurries that I thought you might enjoy...(if you receive this blog by email, please go to www.liseslogcabinlife.com to be able to open the video, just click on the arrow)...it's not quite as dramatic as seeing it in person, but it gives you the idea.

As the day progressed it began  to snow; I had to share a video of that too! (You know the drill, if you receive this blog by email, please go to www.liseslogcabinlife.com to be able to open the video, just click on the arrow).

The snow has stopped for the moment and it is now dark.  We shall see what the morning will bring!

So you are waiting with baited breath to hear about our guest, are you?  Well don't let me keep you any longer...Johny's been working on a wood working project in the basement, and happened upon this little creature that was behind a plastic package that was suspended from a nail...he heard a squeak, moved the package thinking it was a mouse, and found this...just hanging out (ha ha, I'm so funny, hanging out!).

It's a little brown bat or little brown myotis!  Kind of cute in a batty sort of way.  We didn't want to disturb her (using that term because of the French name chauve-souris, which I believe is feminine), being that this is the time of year bats hibernate.  So for now, we put the package back in it's place, and left the area. I think we'll just let her hibernate!  But she sure is furry, I didn't realize bats had such long hair, and a pretty color too!

As I go to stoke the fire in the stove, I am thinking about all our friends, family and everyone else who are feeling the wrath of hurricane Sandy.  My cousin Mitch is already without power in RI, I sure hope things don't get terribly worse before they get better for folks. 

Thanks for reading my blog, you are the best f/f/r/s/f's, see you tomorrow,


Christine said...

It's so thrilling to watch those first snow flakes falling! I wish I could be there to see for myself. That little bat is so pretty; I don't think I've ever seen little creatures that I didn't like.

Dad/Pepere said...

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...but not in Sarasota! Do you remember when we had the bat in Millbury, MA. It was behind a shutter. It fell to the ground when I removed the shutter. I boxed it and then we released it at dusk. Hugs!

Julie Hargreaves said...

Very nice blog

Lise said...

I agree about the snow Christine, and I am sure we will be nurturing this little bat throughout it's hibernation:)

Dad, Let It Snow is my favorite motto! It seems to be working:) I don't remember that bat incident in Millbury, but can't wait to hear more of the story!

Welcome Julie, and thanks for the compliment! Hope to see you here again soon:)