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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Life Is Good

How shall I begin...
Everything is unfolding in the most perfect of ways, confirming for me that this is exactly where I should be.

My first week at work included lots of orientation and training, filling my brain with more information than I can effectively articulate, but it established a good foundation. Having previously worked with my boss (and friend) Eileen removed the usual nervousness one feels when starting a new job, and allowed me to walk in the door with a confidence that helped me let the periodic sense of feeling a little overwhelmed roll right off my shoulders. The orientation and training isn't complete yet, but I'm thrilled to be working for Allegany Franciscan Ministries and honored to be among a group of incredible colleagues.

The Villa I'm staying in is comfortable and will work for the next six weeks. I'm really excited about the place I'll be calling home beginning in July. The photo above is Crystal Beach at sunset, a small spot on the gulf that seems to be a well kept secret, because the only people I see around there appear to live in the area. The place I'll be living is three blocks east of the beach. There's a nice park with gnarly live oaks right across the street from the beach and the Pinellas Trail (a lovely path for walking and biking) is between the house and the beach.

This small pond is behind the house I'll be staying in (my temporary permanent home).
This bird was at the edge of the pond. It sort of looks like a heron but it's beak is short...anyone know what it is?
This is the beach in the morning, I'm facing directly west...
...now facing northwest...
...and southwest.
This heron was enjoying a snack along a walking path that parallels the gulf.

I'm excited to be here, and continue to be filled with gratitude for all that is unfolding. Thanks for all the good thoughts and positive energy you've been sharing, it makes everything that much better! I do believe I'll be publishing a post once a week, most likely on Sunday's. And I'll get back to visiting your blogs too.

FYI, all is well at the cabin. Johny's busy entertaining our friends visiting from Luxembourg, and loving every minute...it's his longest friend Guy (they've known each other since they were young boys) and Guy's wife Mariette. It's been rainy and cold enough for a fire the past few days, a big contrast to the 70's and low humidity here

Thanks for reading my blog, see you next week,


Dad/Pepere said...

Enjoyed our visit with you yesterday. Wishing you all the best in you new adventure. Hugs!

Powell River Books said...

Looks like things are working out for you in your new Florida home and back at the cabin. But I know it isn't easy being separated. - Margy