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Friday, November 23, 2012

Ahhhh, Big Sigh!

I always have the need for a deep sigh once things settle down after Thanksgiving.  Lot's of sincere conversation with family and friends and so much good food (put together in a family team effort kind of way)...I wouldn't trade those moments for anything.  The sigh means something like "how great that was, glad I have some leftovers so I don't have to cook/do dishes for a bit".  I know you know what I mean.

So when we returned to the river today, we just sat and watched the river flow by.  This Anhinga was sitting on a piling and flapping it's wings...I suppose to dry them. 

I was so mesmerized, I thought I would share a video...

...it's a good visual of how my sigh felt to me...like "airing" myself out!  A good feeling:) 

Thanks for reading my blog, you are the best f/f/r/s/f's, see you tomorrow,


Dad/Pepere said...

Donald observed last night that I seemed really happy...I said I was! Thanksgiving was even better than I had hoped...your support along with your siblings and family, made it all happen. Hugs!
P.S. Anhingas must dry their wings or they will not be able to "fish" as they would be water logged and sink, unlike ducks that have the built in water repellant.

Lise said...

I am so glad Dad! That makes me really happy too, and I enjoyed helping very much...especially because it resulted in us having lots of you and me time:)

Thanks for the info on the Anhinga, you are such a wealth of interesting information!

Hugs back