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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Log Cabin Update

Mountain Man and I speak every day, several times actually.  I have to keep up with things, doncha know!  So here are a few updates...

This is sunset over the mountains last night...eery and beautiful...

Back in June I shared a post about a mysterious guest.  This morning Mountain Man told me it was a deer.  He captured it with his critter cam, well, it's butt to be exact, which he set up several days ago to see what we could see. Cool to know the deer are out on our property!  You can see him on the right bottom corner of the photo.

We also have flying squirrels coming to our bird feeders, not sure if that makes me happy but it is nice to know they are out there.  It's a little bit of a creepy picture, and you can't really see it's patagium (this is what helps them fly, which is really gliding, like a bat does).

Mountain Man also told me the squash now has fruit, the corn has a corn tassel, and he has more zucchini than he can eat (he thought he sent these pictures but he didn't, and he only has internet access from our neighbor's cabin while I am gone, so I didn't ask him to try again)!  Anyone have a way to save fresh zucchini?  Please share if you do!

So glad I have Mountain Man at the cabin keeping me updated with everything that is happening in my Log Cabin Life, LOL!  I am enjoying my time on the river, and very soon I will be picking Liam up from school and I can't wait!!!

PS...I had a fabulous time with my friends Brucie and Dominique the other night...we sat, chit chatted, reminisced and got caught up...it was great to be together, I really enjoyed it!

Thanks for reading my blog, you are the best f/f/r/s/f's, see you tomorrow,

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