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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tiny Trumpets & Tiny Dancers

We discovered a mushroom delicacy in our yard today, next to the 'driveway' (using that term loosely, as it is a smoothed out designated place to park the car and ATV).  Trumpet mushrooms...a scrumptious delight!  They are very small, difficult to see as they blend with the ground, but a tasty treat if you come across them!
This is what they amount to in a bowl...we made an omelet with them, and let me tell you, when I put them in the pan to saute with some butter, there was an immediate delicious rich mushroom scent that wafted from the pan.  I added the eggs (fresh mountain range free chicken eggs), and the result was a savory dinner omelet!  Love breakfast for dinner...!

When it comes to tiny dancers, I came across this beautiful caterpillar twice today...on my way to the garden and then on my way to the mailbox.  I came upon this tiny creature and it looked like it was dancing in mid air.  Then I saw the silk thread.  I was charmed by the graceful movement it made while climbing the thread, twirling and spinning in it's own ballet.  Though I have tried, I can not find what this particular caterpillar is or will turn into.
The photo background is black because it was early morning, so I used my flash.  Interestingly, it did not capture the trees in the background.  I like the effect, but I didn't do it on purpose...as I snapped away, this tiny dancer kept pirouetting, climbing the thread up into the trees...
I really like this picture because of the reflection of rain drops on the leaves in the background, again, not a purposeful photographic strategy, but a lovely effect that I am proud of:)
I did not use flash in this one...the result is a less focused image, but I find this a very pleasing image nonetheless. 

This was a little later in the day, on the way to the mailbox...these tiny dancers are apparently all around.  I did use flash, but because it was mid afternoon, the trees are now captured in an abstract way...and if you follow the line of the hairs, you can see the dance happening...

This is no flash, and you can see the body and head very clearly, but now no thread...light has an interesting effect on things!
...anyone know what this tiny dancer is?  Or better yet, what butterfly or moth it will turn into?

Thanks for reading my blog, you are the best f/f/r/s/f's, see you tomorrow,

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Christine said...

I'm betting more toward a moth than butterfly. It could be one of the tiger moth species.