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Monday, August 5, 2013

Turk's Cap Lily

The Turks-Cap lily is a beautiful bloom that grows wild all around our woods.  I find the bright orange petals with red speckles intriguing and I'm fascinated by the unique upward curl of it's petals with the stamen hanging completely exposed...seems counter-intuitive for pollination, but I then discovered that Swallowtail butterflies favor these blooms, and as they suck the nectar their wings become covered in pollen...nature is brilliant!

 A little closer view...
 ...and the entire stem at the edge of the woods. 

One reason I chose to write about the Turk's Cap today is I went for my final dental visit to get my crowns installed (two of them).  Having shared my feelings about dental visits (click here and here for previous posts on those feelings), you know it was a bit of a tough morning...but I made it and now I am done!  Woo Hoo!  Though there isn't really a connection between crowns and caps, but the concept that there is a close enough relationship was good enough for me...

Since I was out of commission this morning, Johny did a bit more work opening up the view to the creek...the view from the deck has begun (look in the center of the photo, the sun is shining on the creek; you can click here to see yesterdays post about it).

Thanks for reading my blog, you are the best f/f/r/s/f's, see you tomorrow,

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Dad/Pepere said...

Turk cap lily is one of Donald's favorite flowers. Hugs!