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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Cousin, Terry's Produce, Gray? & A Dastardly Rabbit

Four things to share with you today...

First, I am excited that my cousin Michelle (Mitch to me, always has been, always will be, or Michelle my belle as my dad would sing to her every time we saw them) and her husband Jerry are on their way for a couple days visit.  They have been driving their camper from RI all the way to Key West with many stops here and there, I am excited to be one of them!  Today is Mitch's birthday, so I am baking her a chocolate cake with a strawberry drizzle and ganache topping.  I sure hope it turns out to be tasty, and will be sharing the recipe with either praises or "this is what not to do" comments:)  So far so good, except the cake is stuck in the pan!  We'll see what happens, it was part of my plan to cut it into pieces so the topping flows all around each piece, so not a total disaster...  Anyway, this is a picture of my mom, who was pregnant with me at the time, at my cousin Mitch's 1st birthday party...
I've asked Mountain Man to scan and print a copy so I can  give it to her. 

Second, yesterday I went into Sylva for some errands, and stopped at Terry's Produce, a place that is quickly becoming a favorite.  This is Terry in the center of the photo and Casey Jones (not related to the railroad engineer Casey Jones) a distant relative to Terry...very fine fellows and a really nice stand that has fresh fruit & veggies, as well as many jams, jellies and other preserves...

And this is (was) Ghost, who used to keep an eye on the store.  Unfortunately, while he was protecting his territory from a newcomer across the street at the Jackson paper factory, he was hit by a car.  Terry obviously missed Ghost, as there are pictures of him everywhere...
I can see why Terry misses him!

If you are ever in Sylva, stop on in!  I think you will be happy you did!

Third, one of my errands yesterday was for a hair cut and color at Visage.  This was a big step for me, as I was going someplace new rather than back to my place in FL, and I am not fond of starting with a new stylist.  But I am really happy I did, Miss Katie was fantastic!  For quite some time now, I have been seriously debating "go gray, don't go gray".  You know, we are up here living off the land, a simpler more natural life...  But after much internal debate, and some discussion with Miss Katie, I decided I just wasn't ready to look at myself with a salt-n-pepper head, which is indeed what it would look like.  So for now, brown it is!  Miss Katie did inform me that I have some stubborn grays, so next time she will add a little something to the color to get it to hold better; I use a demi color, which means it kind of highlights the gray strands as it colors everything, but it eventually fades out.  I like this approach, as there is no color line as my hair grows.  Anyway...brown...I like it:)!

Finally, yesterday we discovered a dastardly rabbit has eaten all my Redina Lettuce!!!  Today we put chicken wire around it, so I hope the little rascal stays away.  I wouldn't be so upset, but there was only one bunch of Redina that was growing well, and now it is gone!  I am hoping it grows back, which this morning it does look like it's attempting to do so (I don't have a picture of it though because there is nothing to show yet)!

We also covered the turnips, carrots and salsify, because the salsify has obviously been providing some good nibbling too!  Thank goodness we have planted lettuce in the square foot gardens in the yard, the rascal hasn't found those yet, though you can be sure we are covering those as well.

Ahhhh, the joys of gardening (really, it's just one of those things, and a learning experience).  We did see him this morning, running away of course...he had a big fluffy white tail!  Cute little rascal!

Thanks for reading my blog, you are the best f/f/r/s/f's, see you tomorrow,


Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Oh that picture of your one year old cousin is adorable. Look at those curtains with matching appliance covers. so darn cute!
I'd love to go gray/grey it would be so much cheaper. And I might just have to do that as I have an appt next Wednesday and that's 5 days before my hair dresser is due with her first baby!
the blacksmith would tell you the cure for those rabbits are a 22 rifle.

Lise said...

Thanks Patti, I love old pictures! Mitch and I were also discussing the curtains and appliance covers...:) If your blacksmith were willing to come and take care of both our rabbit and squirrel problem, and teach me how to dress them, I'd share the bounty with y'all, really I would, LOL!