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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

How Does My Garden Grow?

While I was down south, Johny would give me daily garden updates, but I have been looking forward to seeing it for myself and this morning we took a walk so I could see how she grows.  There was a lot more rain while I was gone causing some of the squash to spoil before they had developed, but overall things look pretty good. We still have several squash growing...they are the acorn and butternut surprises I've told you about...and our 3 watermelon have grown too!  Our beans are producing like crazy...Johny picked about 3 pounds while I was gone, which I am now in the process of freezing (trying this for the first time, I prefer frozen to canned...I placed them in a single layer on a baking sheet to freeze and will then put them in a freezer zip lock, will let you know how that works out), and we picked this basket full this morning...and there are still many more beans growing!  We also picked our first 2 ears of corn, though the top of the cob seemed pretty small...
...I was pleasantly surprised when pulled a little of the husk back...though it didn't fully develop, the kernels that did are plump, juicy and sweet smelling...we're going to try them tonight.

Johny harvested these potatoes and this giant squash (we have more of these squash growing too) while I was gone...these will accompany our dinner this evening as well.  See the single purple potato?  That's what grew from our true potato fruit seed that self germinated.  

I was very happy to find we have 3 or 4 tomatoes growing...maybe they'll actually make it to ripen on the vine...we don't have much luck with tomatoes and all this rain isn't helping!

Our blueberries are ripening, some ready to pick...ooh they are sweet...I'm think going to make Johny a European style custard tart (pie crust topped with custard and fresh berries on top)...and maybe jam or a traditional blueberry pie if we end up with enough. 

I was thrilled when I saw my rhubarb is coming back...I wrote about it looking sickly and having to be transplanted, you can read more about that here.

It's good to be back and enjoy the just picked produce from the garden. How does your garden grow?

Thanks for reading my blog, you are the best f/f/r/s/f's, see you tomorrow,


Susie Swanson said...

Aww, your garden did great. Everything looks so delicious. Our squash vines were the first to go also. I believe to much rain hurts the ones that are more close to the ground. Hugs, xo

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Such a reward fresh produce.

I am NOT the Gardner, but in his absences I am going to try and weed it for him. (Plus an Incentive to get some exercise) . Tonight I see beans will need to be picked in the morning. Got tomatoes tonight.
Purple potatoes look interesting.

Snake was a black snake. But I shot and then looked.

Judi said...

That's fantastic that your garden is doing well ~ we have had a fairly good time with our garden too and are beginning to become overrun with tomatoes, so I make soup and freeze it! Love it on a cold Winter day!! Judi

Lise said...

Thanks Susie, we are very happy with it!

Patti, you're a good woman to do the weeding, it's my least favorite task! We like having black snakes around because they actually kill the poisonous snakes, LOL.

Judi, we are enjoying it. We love soup on a cold winter day, especially with fresh garden goodness:)

Dad/Pepere said...

Good harvesting...Hugs!