Our life living off the land in our log cabin, breathing fresh mountain air, and getting back to basics.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Here I am, back at the cabin!  I'm glad to be back, it's cooler here (everything is relative...Johny is finding it warm today and for me just returning from the river it seems cool and dry) and so much has changed in just the few short days I've been gone...the garden has grown, my hydrangea and lily's have bloomed, there are lots of butterflies everywhere to name just a few...more about all that tomorrow. 
For now, I'm going to relax a little, breath in this fresh mountain air and swing on my porch swing while I stare into the woods and the mountains...I feel like I need a vacation from my (well, Jessi & Liam's) vacation, LOL!

Thanks for reading my blog, you are the best f/f/r/s/f's, see you tomorrow,


Powell River Books said...

Getting home is the best feeling in the world. We had to leave the cabin to take care of some business in the States, but will only be gone a week this time. Whew - I'll be back in time to water the garden! - Margy

Lise said...

Safe travels Margy, will you be taking your cat with you? We've not needed to water our garden, lots of rain here!

Dad/Pepere said...

Glad you had a safe trip back. Hugs!

Lise said...

Thanks dad, looking forward to talking with you and catching up, seems like it's been too long! Hugs back!