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Monday, June 10, 2013

Sweet Family Love

Family...it's everything, right?  I've had an amazing weekend with my girls and Liam (and friends), and have totally enjoyed watching and feeling the love flow amongst everyone.  My favorite moment demonstrating this family love was this one, Liam holding a picture of his mom when she was younger...
...prior to heading south for my visit, I've been sorting through drawers that are filled with old printed photos (which unfortunately don't have an electronic version at this point, I do still have the negatives for most, but I want to digitize them) and came across a few from years ago that I wanted to share with both Erin and Jessi.  It never occurred to me that Liam would be so excited to have a picture of his mom (I actually had a small stack of the same photo).  He's been carrying this stack of photos with him from the moment I gave it to him (this morning I told him he could take one of them to summer camp, and that is what this picture is of). Lots of sweet emotion here!

I mentioned it was an amazing weekend...and it was.  It passed far too quickly, but I'm happy to say I shed no tears when I left...only because I knew I will be seeing them in just a few days, when we'll drive to the cabin together.  It will be Jessi's first real vacation in a very long time, and it will be Liam's first trip there...Johny and I are really looking forward to it!  Not only are we looking forward to what it is that excites him (them) while there, but I'm anxious to see what he will remember and talk about once he goes back home.  I love this anticipation!

Thanks for reading my blog, you are the best f/f/r/s/f's, see you tomorrow,


Reader Wil said...

Family life is so important. I miss my children when they are not around. And the grandchildren grow up so fast. I have seen the Australian grandchildren twice last year, which was great.
Thanks for sharing your post. I also had old non-digital photos. I had them scanned and can now use them like my digital ones, which is a lot easier.

Dad/Pepere said...

Great photo of Liam and his mom! See the love in his eyes! Have a safe trip back to the mountain...Encourage Liam to do daily activities with you and Mountain Man, such as weeding, mushrooming, picking up wood, etc. Those are the memories he will keep. We are leaving today for PS, CA. Hugs!

Lise said...

I plan on scanning my photos as well Reader Wil, the digital age makes keeping pictures so much easier!

I'm looking forward to doing all those every day activities with him dad, it will be great fun. Enjoy CA, safe travels, and hugs back:)