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Friday, April 18, 2014

Moving The Square Foot Gardening Boxes

A couple years ago, we built three square foot garden boxes and installed them in a little valley to the west of the cabin. Unfortunately, the surrounding woods keep the area quite shady except for midday, and the slope of the land kept the boxes damp all the time, so no matter what we sowed, it eventually withered and died. The only thing that was prosperous in them was weeds!

We decided to pull them apart and rebuild them in a new area of the garden.

We'll be taking the good soil we filled them with too.

This section of the garden is outside the fenced area where there are several tree stumps and large roots, extremely difficult to dig into...a perfect space for the three planters!

Johny dug out some of the earth...
...so the box would be level.
He added a few blocks of wood to complete the box, pulled out all the weeds and then filled it with the old soil. Square foot garden box #1 complete! He'll be moving the other two in the next day or two.

We've decided to plant our beans in them. The rabbits don't eat them (at least that's our experience thus far) and it will make a good frame for the trellises. It'll also make it easier to harvest the beans. We'll be burning those surrounding weeds away, then laying newspaper down and covering it with mulch to help prevent future weeds; that will happen in a few days as well. I think it will look pretty when it's all done:)

Time to get our hands dirty...let the gardening begin!

Thanks for reading my blog, see you tomorrow,


Susie Swanson said...

Sounds like a good idea. We had to do that last year also. We had some and nothing would grow so we moved them to a better spot and planted some flowers in them and they turned out to be the prettiest ones we had. Best of luck to you and Happy Easter.

Linda said...

Gardening, like nature, can be so therapeutic.

Dad/Pepere said...

Great job...congratulations on moving the first bed. Hugs!

A Colorful World said...

Great job! I love your new beds. Hope you have great success!

Lise said...

Happy Easter to you Susie! Did you plant flowers in your square foot boxes this year too?

That's the truth, Linda!

Thanks and hugs back to you Dad!

Thanks Marie, seeds planted this morning:)