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Friday, April 11, 2014

Ornamental Pear Tree Blooms

This time of year, our winding mountain road is dotted with large trees covered in white blooms. It takes my breath away when I round a corner and am greeted by one of these beauties.

Our friends Ron & Bertie planted a couple of these on the road near our garden. They are still young and small, so they don't get that same "wow" reaction when passing by. The advantage is I can actually see the flowers up close.

Unfortunately, these trees don't produce fruit, so I won't be canning any pears from them.  

I'm glad we have some brightening the roadside, but as far as Johny and I are concerned, if we're going to plant a tree, we want it to produce fruit!

Do you prefer ornamental or fruiting plants in your yard?

Thanks for reading my blog, see you tomorrow,


Linda said...

Lise, it is taking my breath away as well! Gorgeous!

Vicki Lane said...

We have both -- but no Bradford pears. Every year at this time, I wish I'd planted some.

NCmountainwoman said...

Now I prefer ornamental. In the past we had twelve apple trees and four pear trees and I spent a lot of time making preserves, jelly, applesauce, spiced apples and apple butter. Loved it then but no longer want to do it.

Dad/Pepere said...

You and your baby brother share the same philosophy when it comes to trees...as for me, I would prefer it but the decision is primarily based on location...location...location. Hugs!

A Colorful World said...

They are gorgeous! Beautiful photos. I miss the dogwoods and redbuds! :-(

Lise said...

They are stunning in person Linda!

They do add something special to a landscape Vicki.

Fruit trees do make a mess NCmountainwoman, I can understand wanting to keep the workload down.

I'm not surprised Dad! Hugs back.

Our Dogwood are just beginning to bud Marie, I'm looking forward to their blooms!