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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Another Saturday in Sylva

As I mentioned last Saturday, we go to Sylva for our weekly trip into town to bulk up on supplies.  Today was a drizzly day, but no matter, to me it was perfectly lovely.  The Sylva Farmers Market had less human traffic that it has had in the past two weeks, but there was a decent crowd despite the rain, a demonstration of the community's commitment to supporting local farmers and artisans.  Even more demonstration of local support, the Market isn't supposed to open until May, but they have been here since early April!  Happiness for us:)  And the competition for sales is stiff, with many farmers selling the produce the have nurtured.  I'd like to introduce you to some of the Farmer's Market Vendors:
Randy is the gentleman who saved our rhubarb for us last week.  He is extremely knowledgeable, funny, and a talented grower.  Our rhubarb is still in it's pot, but growing beautifully...we are waiting to be sure there will be no more frosts before we find it's permanent home!

Balltown Bee Farm brings a multitude of various garden delights as well as fresh, farm raised, rabbit and quail, both delectable.  Kelly is on the left, and I am sorry to say I cannot recall the other person's name, but I know they are both Roller Derby Queens:)
Then we have the Sylva Seed Exchange, with Jenny, Sprouting and Idea, who developed this program so local growers check out open pollinated a d heirloom seeds in the spring and return seeds they've saved the following fall, ultimately protecting and preserving local plant diversity.

There are a couple other vendors I would like to share with you, just because they demonstrate the variety and joy that is represented at this Farmers Market...

Now these two rascals,
Johny (my husband/Mountain Man) and John, were college pals. 
We met today at the Farmers Market and then went to lunch together.  It is the first time I met John, and it was a real pleasure.  We went to lunch at the City Lights Cafe, a place with a very comfortable atmosphere, savory food, and pleasant proprietors. 

What was most intriguing to me was the community box...
only in the mountains!!!  I'll write more about City Lights Cafe and the Bookstore in the future.  The certainly are two of our favorite places in Sylva.
In closing, I would like to leave you with a few photos of Sylva, in the drizzling rain.  It is a charming town, with history, vibrancy, and culture.  I love it here, are you surprised?

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Christine said...

What a nice little town! Love going to farmers markets so much to see and buy. so much better than whats in the grocery stores.

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Wish I could shop at that Farmer's market. It all looks so inviting! Even in the rain.

Lise said...

Agreed ladies. Eating fresh grown anything is so much better than store bought that gets picked before it's ripe and ready. Things from the Farmer's Market taste like they were meant to taste:)