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Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Sun Walks Down Our Mountain

Each morning, when it is warm enough (which means about 53 degrees +/-,  and yes I may use a blanket), we sit on the front porch swing, drink our coffee, and watch the sun "walk down our mountain", provided there are no clouds interfering.  It is a beautifully refreshing sight - watching the day begin, marvelous and joyful.  The birds surround us, singing their songs.  The bees begin their jobs of pollinating.  The hummers hum.  The squirrels steal the birdseed.  Our cat Fluffy watches it all. Our dog Pogo waits for crumbs from Johny.  And of course, the creek's flow is background for it all.

Today I want to share the sun's walk with you. 

This is the view if you look over the porch swing behind where we sit. You can see the porch swing chain on the right if you look closely.  This view is facing east, so the sun is rising above the mountain that is behind us.
This is the porch swing with Johny in it (later in the morning, a photo afterthought) but I figured you might want to see the swing too.

It takes quite a while for the sun to walk down the mountain, and the perspective from the swing is facing the west wall of the mountain, well, really WSW.  I began the photographs when the sun just peaked over enough to begin it's walk.  The changes are subtle, but quite mesmerzing.

I hope you enjoyed the sun's walk down our mountain today!

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Osage Bluff Quilter said...

I loved walking along with you guys, I see why you love it there so much!