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Thursday, April 19, 2012

When You Least Expect It...

Today, while walking to the mailbox, a bunch of Swallowtail butterfly's were in the middle of the road.  Visually, it is quite contradictory to see a group of beautiful butterfly's quietly suckling minerals on a stone mountain road.  Yet, they were all so peaceful and content, congregated on this spot, with not a care in the world.  And while I understand that they are suckling needed minerals to add to their diet of nectar, it still appears odd. 

Once I finished with my photo taking, and wanted to continue on, Johny stated he was extremely concerned with the danger the butterflies were in, pending any modern contraption that would come rolling along...we had seen more than one Swallowtail come to it's demise after encountering to some degree or another, one of these machines!  So, Mountain Man Johny to the rescue, he gently shooed away the beauties, and picked up those too stubborn to move.  We were once again on our way toward the mailbox.

Did you know that the long and flexible tube a butterfly uses to suckle it's nectar is called proboscis?  I didn't either, until today, but now we all know! 

As we neared the row of mailboxes, I spotted a gorgeous Tiger Swallowtail, (with the same coloration as the dark Swallowtail but perdominantly yellow) on the road.  This fellow was quick and did not like staying in one place long, so I kept trying to follow him around (picture that image!).  But the wonder of my spotting him was that as Johny waited for me to finishing snapping my camera and chasing this fellow around, he spotted a morel mushroom!!! See how lovingly he examines his precious?
Mind you, this is an incredible find, for we have been hunting these delicious morsels for quite some time, and though Johny has found them with his friend Ron, he has not found his own patch yet.  So here we were, on our way to the mailbox, and kowabunga, mushroom heaven...OK, we only found a few, well, 3 to be specific, but yummy yum yum, we were excited!  And we picked lots of dandelion for our dinner salad too, so we were happy we would be enjoying what our mountain has to offer. 

Today's trip to the mailbox was a triumphant occasion, with the joy of all that is simple in our mountain life.  Have I told you lately how I love this place?  This unencombered mountain life is soothing to the soul.  Complete serenity!

I do miss my family, my daughters Erin & Jessi and expecially my grandson Liam...so COME ON UP!!!  You'll be happy you did:)

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