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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Thank You to the Best F/F/R/S/F's & About Today

You are the Best f/f/r/s/f's!  Thank you for your comments today!  It tickled me to see so many responses.  It made me laugh out loud with joy, seriously!  I've known I am on the right path, but each of your confirming thoughts helped me through my hump.  I heart you so much, thanks and thanks and thanks!!!

One correction, I told you yesterday to email me if you have trouble making a comment, but I gave the wrong email address, the correct one would be liseslogcabinlife@gmail.com.

As for today...

Well, it was cold.  Unexpectedly cold.  Really cold.  Put your woollies and layers on cold.  We don't have TV, well we do, but we only get 3 PBS stations, which are great, but they don't tell the local weather.  And yes, we have Internet so I can keep in touch with y'all (and others:) ), but we have limited gigs we can use, so I, well, never mind.  Let it just be enough to say I was not expecting to be so cold during the night and it was a wood burning stove fire morning! In June no less, I love it!

Our friend and neighbor Robert came to help us remove some stumps today (see the double one below), in preparation for deck building.    
But his big machine decided not to work.  This is Johny, Robert & Ron (neighbor), befuddled (I like this word) by the problem.  They are still befuddled at this moment in time, and the stumps have not been removed yet.  Tomorrow is another day, may the big machine work!
This is Robert leaving...poo poo. 
Other exciting news from today...

I discovered a snow pea sprouted, only 1, (they were old seeds), but 1 makes me happy...it may end up being stir fry for 1, or salad for 1, or beans off the stalk for 1...( 1=me:) )

This is a close up of either wild garlic or onion, we are still waiting to see as it unfolds...but it is a really unusual and beautiful plant, the little string is new today, can't wait to see what that turns into.  The second photo is several of them together, very long stem, this pod near the top, and then a little bit more stem, and there are only a few that grow together, separate stalks in a grouping of 5 or less (that is what we have seen so far)...

I had lots of good comments about the Tiger Lily, it has new blooms (I did not realize the bloom only lives for one day) and here is another photo...I focuses on the pollen, made me think about my Best f/f/r/s/f's and how you are a little like pollen, spreading the word:)

One last note about today...I mowed almost the entire lawn, this includes the straight up hillsides, the sloping hillsides, the flat spaces, and all around the plant spaces...and I am still not done...my body is pooped!!!  Ron, our friend and neighbor, said as he watched me work a little this morning ( when he came to see what Robert was doing at our place:) ), that I would be a slimmer, trimmer me...ha ha, I said yes, that is part of the plan!

That is it for today my Best f/f/r/s/f's.  Thank you again for being so supportive and responsive!

Thanks for reading my blog, see you tomorrow,

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