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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Let It Snow!

It has snowed almost all day.  A light blustery snow that didn't amount to much while the temperature climbed over 32 degrees, though it never got much higher than that.  But this evening, everything is once again covered with the light dusting of snow that has continued to accumulate.  I am continuing to enjoy this unusual October snow fall, finding myself tickled by all sorts of things that would never seem to matter otherwise.  I'm sharing a few photos reflecting those moments...a few of my favorite things...

I took this photo last night, having hung this chime out when I knew snow was possible.  "Let it snow" is a mantra of mine whenever the moment seems right.  BTW, those tiny dots are snow falling...

This is the last of my wildflowers, like the hydrangea yesterday, I love the snow delicately sprinkled on the bloom.  I especially like the tuft of snow falling off the petal (bottom center of the photo).

Our new, almost completed deck, covered in snow.  Actually, the part closest to you is yesterday's snow, blown together from the wind, and the other side is the snow from today, probably more like snow covering ice, as what was on that side of the deck had melted.  This is one of those things I said to Johny, "be careful if you go over there because it is going to be slick!"  Let's hope I remember to heed my own advice when I go feed the birds in the morning!

The afternoon dusting of the porch.  I just love watching the snow slowly cover things.  The clump of blue green material behind the rocker is my canvas swing that usually hangs at the end of the porch, but I took it down to eliminate the potential 'sail' with all the wind we have been having.
And this is my view from the kitchen sink.  I love this view when it snows, and don't mind doing the dishes at all when this is what I am looking at.  You once again see the dots of snow, still falling, though very lightly now, though the chimes are still swinging like there is a competition going on:)

Oh yes, the song "these are a few of my favorite things" is another of my favorite things.  I still love The Sound of Music, and have been humming this tune (amongst others from the musical) to myself all day.  Between the snow and the tune, what could be better?

Perhaps you will now have one of your favorites streaming through your mind as you bring your day to a close.  What is your favorite?

Thanks for reading my blog, you are the best f/f/r/s/f's, see you tomorrow,

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Dad/Pepere said...

Nature has something for everyone! So happy you are enjoying the cold and the snow. Hugs!