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Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Drive up Pumpkintown Road through the mountains about 3+ miles before you turn onto a series of dirt roads to continue climbing toward our cabin.  It's a road with over 70 curves; much of the road hugs steep drops on one side and rock or wild flower inclines on the other.  Quite beautiful, but one must be slow and steady (while remembering your car wave hello...click on the link to read more about that).

I'll tell you one legend as to how Pumpkintown got it's name, but first...

Today we attended the Pumpkintown Community Development Club meeting, where a presentation was made to the Jackson County Extension Office for grant funding to continue all the good work the group does, including fundraising and outreach to a local children's home, volunteer support to the local senior center, and volunteer and financial support to families in the community needing a helping hand.  I was impressed with the work and proud to be part (for the first time) of the group.  

This is Gloria, who made the presentation today.  Her mother Aquila (who grew up on Pumpkintown) is seated in the background listening proudly:)

This is the Extension Office folks, taking notes and studying the Club's application.

There were several interested residents supporting Gloria and the Club's application today...

From left to right: Gloria's husband Bob, Ed (another native born Pumpkintownian) and Aquila.

More attentive listening going on, with Charlie on the left side of the photo.

Now is time for fun and snacks...Allison is on the left (Allison's family are Pumpkintownian's from way back, she is also Ronnie's wife, the talented guy who helped us with our deck), then Andrea (Charlie's wife) and Charlie.

Bob and Ed again...I think they were discussing something very serious:)

The meeting went well, and we now hope we will receive some funding!  This is the Community Center building, built by all the men in the community.  I had never been there before...something to be proud of!

So, how did Pumpkintown get it's name?  John Parris, "the mountains' special chronicler", is celebrated for his rich collection of folk tales and legends about the hills of Western North Carolina, where his roots were.  One of his legends is called "Fighting Billy", and tells the tale...

All I have left to say is, Hooray for Pumpkintown!

Thanks for reading my blog, you are the best f/f/r/s/f's, see you tomorrow,

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Hooray for Pumpkintown from Sarasota, FL. Hugs!