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Friday, October 19, 2012

Musings of the Day

It's been a busy day away from the cabin.  Upon my return, I've found myself lost in thought about what to share with you today, which resulted in my getting nowhere with my writing.  So I decided to simply impart a little about the day's events that keep finding space in my mind...there is no logical connection between them, and you will probably be pleased (or maybe not) that there is nothing about cooking today:)

One of our mountain friends said "you need to blow these leaves, John" (he calls Johny John even though we have suggested the correction, but we just let it go...he calls me Lisa and we let that go too) and we both responded, almost in unison, "I like the blanket of leaves".  I laughed to myself that both Mountain Man and I were on the same page (doesn't happen all the time), enjoying the way the leaves speckled the driveway with color.  Funny thing is, we never discussed it again.  It was an unspoken agreement that we would continue to allow the leaves to fall where they may, and we'd enjoy watching it happen!

We went in to town today for the Jackson County Cooperative Extension award presentation.  This was a follow up to the meeting we had at the Pumpkintown Community Center 10 days ago (click on the link to read more about it).  There were 2 other community development groups present who were also receiving awards - Caney Ford and Norton.  I was pleased to be a participant, learned a great deal about the Cooperative Extension (I've never been involved with a community Extension office, and I tell you they are now first on my 'contact when I need to know something about agriculture and gardening' list...I didn't know that we had such a valuable resource available to us!) and about the community activities at Caney Ford and Norton.  I was very proud that there were several of us there supporting Gloria and the Pumpkintown Community Development Club (unfortunately no other community had supporters present).  The best part is Gloria was presented with the second place award for the good work done in Pumpkintown, and the award included a check to be used to further those efforts!  Hooray for Pumpkintown!

As we drove through town today, Johny and I kept wondering why the sky was so smoky looking, and though we had no other explanation at the time, it did seem to look different than what the "smoky" in the mountains usually looks like.  Once we got home, I discovered that a dust plume has shrouded our mountains today; the dust comes from the western plains and was blown in our direction because of low pressure over the great lakes.  Intriguing.  But I think it's making me cough...can't wait this this blows through~

So there you have it, my current musings of the day.  I do believe a glass of wine and a book are in my near future!

Thanks for reading my blog, you are the best f/f/r/s/f's, see you tomorrow,

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Dad/Pepere said...

Congratulations to Pumpkintown on your award and the CASH! Hugs!