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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Laughing The Day Away

My friend Bertie and I headed out this morning to eat breakfast and then go thrift store shopping.  It was a day filled with laughs and giggles!

This is Bertie, I thought I'd share a different picture than yesterday's.  (I wish I had thought to get a picture of us together.)

We enjoyed a delicious down home breakfast at The Coffee Shop in Sylva, a cozy place that has been in this very spot since 1926!  The stories these walls could tell!  We talked and laughed and shared little secrets...

...and then we were off.  Bertie enjoys cruising through town in a relatively organized pattern to stop in at her favorite thrift stores, chat with other shoppers while meandering through them, and find bargains and little treasures along the way.  I'd been to places I didn't know existed today!  She explained to me that she enjoys joking with the folks she happens upon while shopping, many whom she sees each time she goes thrift shopping, that it lightens the spirit and makes people laugh.  She later confided that "some people are so sour they look like they been weaned on a dill pickle"...  I laughed all day.  And we both found a few bargains, here are mine...

...a glass baking dish ($4)...
...a peace/love fleece throw ($2)...

...and a small table top ironing board ($2)...this was my favorite utilitarian find, because I had to pull out a towel any time I needed to iron something!
At one point, Bertie asked me if I was always this frugal.  I told her I usually didn't buy something unless: 1.) I had a specific purpose for it and 2.) I had a place to put it.  She laughed and said when she doesn't have a place for something she has purchased she brings it to a thrift store!    

As the day progressed, I wrote down some Bertie'isms...I wish I could put them all in context for you, but I don't recall them all...  
"it's not worth the powder and lead it would take to shoot your head off"
"he's windy'er'n a sack full...you know what kind of sack full I'm talkin' about"
"she's gonna let me out bless her little pea pickin' heart" (after a young woman let us turn onto the street in front of her
"your welcome as a hair on a biscuit" (after my saying thank you...I said 'Bertie, who wants a hair on a biscuit?' and she said 'that's just what I say!')
"he'll be as happy as if he had good sense"
...the woman has a quick wit and a sense of humor that kept me laughing all through the day!

I knew we were close to our last stop when Bertie found an pair of shoes and immediately switched them for the one's she was wearing...her feet were bothering her and we still needed to stop at the grocery.  My last bargain, and this one is a treasure as far as I'm concerned, was this silk scarf ($3) in perfect condition, I can't wait to wear it...

It was a wonderful day for me.  Thank you, Bertie, for making it a barrel laughs, and for being my friend!  You know you always have a friend in me!

I came across this quote that made me think of Bertie and our day together...I hope it makes you laugh too.
Sometimes I laugh so hard the tears run down my leg!
~Author Unknown
While I don't hope you have this exact experience, I do hope that you have a friend who makes you laugh so deep it makes your sides hurt and your eyes water...tears running down the leg, well, we'll keep that our little secret!

Thanks for reading my blog, you are the best f/f/r/s/f's, see you tomorrow,


Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Hooray for Girls Day Out!!

Malcolm and Ciejay Burgess said...

Sounds like a fun day to me , I love hunting for treasures , no second hand or thrift stores in Thailand . Everything has a sense of family , so they never throw anything away , just pile it with all the other old stuff (and I mean some old stuff ) and they will never sell any of it.Sometimes you will see something displayed as if it it was special, but most of the time just laying in a corner ot in the yard .

Lise said...

Hooray is right Patti! Good times:)

That's really interesting about old things in Thailand Malcolm! I suppose that means if I ever come across an antique from Thailand I better buy it! I can't imagine putting family heirlooms in a corner in the yard!!!

Dad/Pepere said...

What fun! I have laughed until tears ran down my cheeks, but never my legs! However, you have 4 aunts where this happened frequently and in the most embarrassing places...like standing on the sidewalk! They would kill me if they knew I told you this.
What the heck, let them know you know this little secret.

Lise said...

Laughing out loud (LOL) dad! When I see them next (most in March), we can laugh about this all together! Hugs back!