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Friday, January 25, 2013

Must Have's for Today...A Bumbershoot & A Balaclava

As you may know by now, I have been yearning for some snow...a good winter blast that covers the landscape with white and leaves me little choice but to go and play in it.  Though snow continues to circumvent our little mountain holler, sleet and freezing rain have been showering down all day, with the temperature remaining below freezing except for a brief period this afternoon when it hovered just above that 32 degree mark (Fahrenheit).

The result has been lovely little icicles hanging everywhere...
...branches dripping with soon to be frozen rain drops...
...and the deck chairs sporting frozen strands of water that accumulated throughout the day...looks like chair jewelry!

The ramp is covered with an invisible sheet of ice that caused Pogo to slip and slide on his way out to do his business.

All this leads to a day of staying indoors, keeping the wood burning stove glowing with coals, watching the birds come to the feeders, a little bit of cleaning, and reading & writing.  

What does any of this have to do with a balaclava and bumbershoot?  I enjoy spending time each day reading other bloggers posts; this morning, one of the blogs I visited was Powell River Books, Margy writes about her and her husband enjoying time off the grid in coastal British Columbia, a blog I always enjoy reading, (click on the link to read more), and I discovered the ABC Wednesday blog link on her blog.  

Consequently, I began a search for words that begin with B!  And with this wet, winter day, a balaclava (a knit hat for the head and heck) and a bumbershoot (umbrella) are 2 must have's for venturing out of doors.  I had to wrap my neck and face with my scarf to make a true balaclava out of my knit hat, but it worked!

I must confess, it was so icy that I did not venture out where I needed a bumbershoot, I didn't want to fall on my derriere or worse yet break an appendage, so I stuck to the porch, wore my balaclava, and watched the birds feed!  This is a true balaclava...

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Thanks for reading my blog, you are the best f/f/r/s/f', see you tomorrow,


Leslie: said...

A warm welcome to ABCW...I go over and visit Margy, too, as we live sort of close. I'm south of Vancouver and she's north of it, but considering this ABCW goes all over the world, that's close. This is a great start for you and I love your photos! Look forward to seeing you next week for the letter C.

abcw team

Lise said...

Thank you for the warm welcome Leslie, I look forward to sharing (and reading) many more posts!

Dad/Pepere said...

I love the branch and chair "jewelry" photos...and I thought you were talking of "baklava"! Hugs!

Roger Owen Green said...

balaclava - what a wonderful word it is. rather rolls off the tongue nicely

I too want to welcome you to our little corner of the Internet.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Lise said...

Thanks Dad, baklava is a a good B word too! Hugs back!

Thank you Roger! I like the word balaclava too...sounds like something much more fancy than a cap though!