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Friday, May 31, 2013

Pineapple Sage & More Garden Mulching

Pineapple sage and mulching have nothing to do with each other...they just happen to be what I am writing about today!

Pineapple sage has an exotic looking bloom.  My observation developed by happenstance, being that our pineapple sage plant generated a flower pod before I used the leaves and I decided to let it flourish so I could see what it looked like.  And I am a happy planter (I was going to say camper but planter is much more fitting, ha ha), because is it a lovely flower!  By the way, pineapple sage does have a flavor that hints of pineapple...can't wait to use it when cooking (pork would be a likely suspect), but in the meantime, I'm enjoying the elegance of this enticing bloom.  

Would you like to know more about our garden mulching progress?  I bet you've been waiting with baited breath to know how we have progressed!  Let me tell you, this feels like the project that just won't end...the good news is, we have indeed made progress, and the entire perimeter of the garden is now covered with a layer of newspaper and thick mulch.
The not so good news is we ran out of wood...that sounds funny, doesn't it, considering we live in the woods?  But all the branches from the trees we felled have been turned into weed squashing mulch.  Now I have to go hunting for more branches to turn into tiny pieces of wood!  I did actually begin to put mulch between the watermelon and squash plants (you can't see the sprouts, but trust me, they're there!), but there is still work to do there, and in the walking rows between the plants (see the pic above)

All in all, another great day working in the garden.  But you know what?  I'm glad we're out of wood, because we are both quite exhausted by this project that has taken us 4 days so far.  I am absolutely positively sure we will be sleeping very well tonight (that is as long as our aching muscles don't keep us up!)

Thanks for reading my blog, you are the best f/f/r/s/f's, see you tomorrow,


Wanda said...

Lise ~ As I was reading your post, I just finished dinner of Pork roast in the crockpot with pineapple chunks and bell pepper!!!

Thank for visiting my "Work and Pleasure" Post.

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Sometimes sore muscles are a good thing. Think of all that produce you will have. Us on the other hand, may not have any produce. We got 3 inches of rain yesterday and right now it's still pouring and we've had another 1 -2 inches since noon. More is on the way.

Reader Wil said...

Your cabin and garden are something like the Garden of Eden!

Carver said...

The pineapple sage is beautiful. You've been very productive.

Lise said...

Wanda, that sounds delicious! Tonight I'll be making pork chops and will include the pineapple sage somehow, not sure exactly how yet, but I'm looking forward to being creative with it!

I agree Patti, I actually like sore muscles sometimes, makes me feel like I'm doing my body good! Sorry for all the rain, and I hope your family is still safe and sound...lots of storms in OK.

I couldn't agree more Reader Wil, I feel extremely fortunate!

I love getting surprised by the beauty of nature Carver, can't wait to taste the sage in our meal tonight!

Thanks everyone, for visiting and your comments:)

Dad/Pepere said...

Mulching looks great...and the rewards will be less work! Beautiful photo of the pineapple sage. Looking forward to hearing more about how dinner turned out. Hugs!

Lise said...

The long term benefits definitely make the effort worth it dad! I decided to add the fresh pineapple sage to apple sauce and use is as a condiment for the pork, it was quite good! Hugs back!

A Colorful World said...

I didn't know about eating pineapple sage, but it makes sense because of the other edible sages. It's a pretty flower, too!

Lise said...

Marie, it's actually quite tasty, along with being pretty!