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Sunday, April 22, 2012

More About Another Saturday in Sylva

Yesterday I posted about our day, Saturday in Sylva, including the Downtown Sylva Farmer's Market, but did not tell you about our lovely lunch at City Lights Cafe.  We walked from the market to the Cafe, which is just up the hill off Main Street.  The outside garden is beautiful, and a lovely spot for a picture with Johny and John. 
The Azalea's were gorgeous!  The Cafe is a comfortable establishment all the way around. Our lunch was fantastic, as you can see from our empty plates...I had hummus and salad, it was really superb.
City Lights Bookstore is just above the Cafe and has been a favorite stop of ours for years. They have new books, used books, a used book exchange program, and they are extremely knowledgeable of local writers and historians. This is Chris, the owner. He, along with his other staff, make the place everything that it is...fabulous and more!
After lunch and some really great conversation, we ventured back to our cars through the rain, observing the farmers market closing, with very few growers remaining.  And as I looked behind me to the backside of Main Street, I was struck by how lovely it looked...

Totally off the subject, today, Sunday, I did some baking.  I've confessed before that I am not the greatest baker, my daughter Erin's 1st year birthday cake, made from scratch, was a complete disaster. So I go with the boxed products, and use them sparingly at that.  Now that we are living off the land, I am committed to baking more of the baked goods Johny loves to eat, mostly for breakfast, and no, his physique does not show it one bit, not fair!  I'm talking cakes, brownies, pies, etc.  Anyway, I digress.  So this morning, I make blueberry muffins from a package.  After I filled the muffin tins, I notice the little note stating HIGH ALTITUDE (ABOVE 3500 FEET): add 1 tablespoon flour to dry mix.  Oops, oh well, we'll see what happens.  Result?  Not a disaster, but not very fluffy muffins.

The clincher...I told Johny I would make him some brownies today, such the home maker I am these days, people who know me well will be chuckling at this! So I am making the brownies, and yes indeed, I forgot about the high altitude again!  I had poured half the batter into the pan, so yes, oh yes I did, I poured it out, washed the pan, and added the darned 1/4 cup of flour and 2 tablespoons of water it required for higher altitude.  But viola, beautiful and tasty brownies.  So as my dad always says, reminding me of the Bernstein Bears, "let this be a lesson to you"!
Proof of success is in the picture!  Yes,they are scrumptious and rich and chocolaty!!!

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EZebley said...

Welcome, future neighbor. I say future, as I own land in WNC (Caney Fork community out of Cullowhee) but need to sell here in FL to build the home there. Just got back from the property and super excited to find morels and ramps on my land. Check out Judaculla Rock, Moses Creek falls if you get up that way(NCwaterfalls.com). Your unknown plant is SquawRoot, a parasitic plant so no green parts needed. Will be following your posts. Much luck, EZE.

Lise said...

Thank you EZE, now I know SquawRoot! We have been to Judaculla Rock, fascinating site, and have gone to many falls, but not sure about Moses Creek. Thanks for the input, and good luck with your sale so you can get up here!