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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

All Day in The Cabin

It's been raining all day, resulting in my staying indoors except for a walk around the porch to see the rain now and then.  I so enjoy the cabin, and have not spent a full day inside since we have been here!  It's also the last full day I spend here for a bit, time for a road trip!!!

The first thing I wanted to do was make a fire to warm the place up.  We have not done that in a while because the temperature has been just on the cusp of needing it in the morning, but by early afternoon things warm up and all I need to do is open the windows to warm things up.  And truth be told, we are still working on chopping wood to stock up for next winter. We have pretty much exhausted this year's supply, so in a way every log we burn puts us further behind with the wood stack. Ah, but no worries, Mountain Man can chop while I'm gone:)

Yes, my road trip is on my own, I'm heading back to Florida to spend Mother's Day with Erin & Jessi (my daughters) and Liam (my fabulous grandson).  I am really excited.  I will also be keeping Liam for a few days by myself at our home on the river, something I have not done before.  So my blog for the next 10 or so days will include lots of things about this trip and visit!

As I packed, the rain tapped on the tin roof, and because I was inside all day, I really listened to it...it sounded like "tdu tdu tdunk tunk ta da thunk thwunk".  Over and over, in different patterns and rhythms. Like music.  Mesmerizing and peaceful, though when I spell it out it doesn't look pretty!

I needed to do laundry, because we have had so much rain lately, I haven't been able to hang things on the line.  And once again, I began to listen..."tha thum, tha thum" goes the spinning drum, rhythmically and repeatedly, like a base drum.  "Scrnkt bonk bonk skrtch" goes a zipper now and then. "Scrtnkt ti ti tink tick tick" goes a metal button.  More music!

Every half hour my cuckoo clock sang, "cuckoo, cuckoo", more music for my ears.  Hour after hour, I tried to catch the cuckoo, but it was too fast for me and my camera! The plate on the left is from Europe, the Austrian Alps I believe.

Hmmm, more music?  When Fluffy decided to get out of her basket, her collar sounded "tingle jingle".  The majority of the day, she and Pogo were like this...
And if you look closely in the photo above of the living room, you will see Pogo has not moved much at all today, LOL!

On one of my walks on the porch, I saw squirrels all over the bird feeders, and chipmunks underneath the stairs.  I was amazed at how many there were, and when the spied me coming through the door, I was only able to capture one chipmunk, on the run! Cute little fellow!  I guess all the animals were looking for easy food sources because of the rain:)

...more music, some I hear all the time...this is a video of the creek, it is rushing because of all the rain.  I hope you are able to open it.

The music goes on...as the day has progressed, and the wind began blowing, the chimes began singing too.  I've been surrounded by music all day!  My niece Logan and nephew Carson are coming this summer, they are musically talented...I will be asking them to teach me which notes my chimes sing:) Then I can tell you exactly what the chimes are sounding!

At the end of the day, the front has passed and we once again have the pleasure of this beautiful scene, which was covered in grey rain all day.  The wind has picked up...I believe we are in for a cold night! And one more new piece of music, because the wind has picked up, there is a bit of a howl coming through our holler...more music to my ears!

Thanks for visiting my blog, see you tomorrow!


Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Those sounds of natural music must be so soothing!

and your Cabin is beautiful!!

Lise said...

Thank you, we are fortunate and grateful for it!