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Saturday, May 19, 2012

River Friends & River Weeds...Both Beautiful!

I have thoroughly enjoyed visiting with my river friends...Brucie & Robert (thanks for being the welcoming committee, even though you didn't realize it), Ursula & Dick (thanks for the Nasturtiums and help in Lowes), Candace (thanks for helping me to remember to relax and enjoy)...there were several I did not get around to seeing this visit, but I will next time, you know who you are:)  Unfortunately, I have a hard time remembering to take pictures when I am visiting with my friends, I so enjoy the company I don't think about the pictures until I want to post some. I have put this in my brain as a "pay more attention to" item:) To each of you, as Carol Burnett would say, thanks for the memories!  Enjoyed it:)

New topic: I've been noticing the weeds around here, and they are beautiful...nameless to me, but beautiful just the same:)

The little green pods stick to you, your skin, your clothes, everything!  Who would have thunk it had such a lovely little tiny flower (about 1/4" for the entire flower grouping) 

Beautiful, aren't they?

I've enjoyed my time at our river house, really happy to be returning to the cabin...planting to do, don'tcha know! But I am totally enjoying my time, right here, right now...

Thanks for reading my blog, see you tomorrow,


Christine said...

They are quite lovely! The 4th photo is asiatic dayflower and the 5th one is violet wood sorrel. Not quite sure what the others are without looking them up. I really love that tiny little pink one!

Lise said...

Thanks Mamabug, very good to know! You really know your Florida flowers:)