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Friday, May 11, 2012

Gratitude on the River

When I returned to our river home, I did not realize how much I took for granted here.  I had wondered as I planned this trip, what I would write about, and how I could possibly keep you interested in coming back every day when I was not living my "log cabin life" exactly.  My immediate reaction was "it's all part of the same".  I am recording my journey because it is important to me.  I am hopeful that you are enjoying reading about it, and I am pleased that I have the opportunity to share.

The moment I arrived here yesterday, I realized how much my log cabin life has opened my eyes, my soul, my being.  There is so much here on the river that I never looked at in the same way that I have been looking at things in our mountains these past 5weeks...it was refreshing.  Like an awakening. Suddenly the lizards, the river waves, our pond and fish, the flowers and plants, our home, all seemed new and vibrant!

The waves hitting the coquina rock at the rivers edge.

The river, such a different landscape from the mountains, but beautiful.

A Pelican, the one in the distance of the picture above, up close.

Coincidentally, today I had an email from one of our river friends, who told me that her husband was waiting for some test results and hoping for the best...it made me so grateful for so many things, but in particular the opportunity to be on this jouney/adventure that I am on.  Life is short.  I will not regret the things I did not do (thank you Mark Twain).

Now I am waiting for the girls and Liam, anticipating their arrival and extremely impatient. I will watch the river flow, the wind blow, the water churn, the trawlers trawl, the sailboats sail, and wait...

Thanks for reading my blog, read with you tomorrow,

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