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Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Day with Liam & the Girls

This morning, Liam and I woke early, with him ready to feed the fish in our pond. 

Liam was fascinated with the fish gobbling up the food.

This is Oscar, our Oscar, he is a cool dude and hard to see, as he usually hides very well.  Liam was lucky that he decided to show himself!

Then Liam made blueberry muffins. Yes, it was a box mix, I don't have enough baking supplies here to be able to make something from scratch!
He's a pro...

He tasted a blueberry, but was not impressed...I know Liam, fresh is best!

Success! They were delicious:)

Aunt Erin (Liam calls her Enin), playing and tickling!

Liam is a very serious artist, and enjoyed some finger paints.

Black hand!

Time for swimming, Enin and Jessi are carrying the pool to the dock... 

Enin is filling the pool, Jessi is lounging, and Liam is swimming...

...and diving...

...and swimming some more...
Then we saw a duck near the dock,
who actually was working hard against the waves to get somewhere!

We played some more...

We walked and looked at nature, he found this feather for me...

And then he passed out, before dinner!

I love this boy, and my girls.  I am so happy to be spending this time with them!
Thanks for reading my blog, see you tomorrow,


Osage Bluff Quilter said...

I'm sure you will be in all your glory on this "Mother's Day"


Lise said...

Thank you Patti!