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Thursday, May 3, 2012

All in A Day

Last night we enjoyed our Raspberry Custard Tart with our friend John.  It was a marvelous evening, great conversation, good food, beautiful weather.  This is John (my apologies for the fuzzy picture, but I only took one), displaying a slice of the tart after dinner.
After much visiting, we sat on the porch as dusk settled in. This photo reflects a seriousness in the boys, but really, we were having a wonderful time.  Funny how pictures capture things, I can't remember what we were discussing at this point, can either of you???
Shortly after this picture was taken, a hummingbird (yes Ursula, I am spelling our the entire word ~ thank you for your insight) visited the nearby feeder, it was a real treat. 
I loved this picture of him flying away, it is so hard to capture them in motion to and from the feeder, and here you can see his wings and little itty bitty feet!  If you are wondering how I know it is "him", only the males have the ruby throat.
A wonderful close to a lovely evening. 

Then today proved to be a very interesting day...

  • Success with the seeds we planted, things are beginning to sprout!  It's exciting, almost like childbirth, but different, much different (you don't need a Labor Doula!).  OK, not almost like childbirth, but a similar joy of bringing new life into the world!  (The lighting is odd because of the grow light).

  • I planted my rhubarb.  Though it will take a couple years before I can harvest any, I am excited to have it in the ground:)  It will be happy in it's new home, lots of sunlight, and close to our square foot garden planter!

  • We prepared a piece of our property to clear the land for the garden.  It's a good spot with lots of sun and we only had to fell a few small trees.  Tomorrow we will grade the land in preparation for tilling.  (Mountain Man looks like he's been felling trees, doesn't he?)  If you put these two photos together in your mind, you would see the whole plot...

  • I discovered that there are many blog writers out there with great information, fun posts, meaningful posts, and it is a wonderful resource for learning.  Somehow, I will find time in each day to visit all these blogs I now really enjoy, to share, learn, and enjoy.  You can find a list of those blogs under Blogs You Might Like, I Do.

  • Then, Johny's computer wouldn't boot up.  We discovered he had a Trojan virus.  So after 6 hours (so far) of working, first on my computer (because it still worked) then his (because we are both on the same network, both our computers had to be evaluated), I am finally back on line.  Very happy about this because I believe if I had to wait hours and hours to be able to write my post tonight, I would.  And being a morning person, staying up to the wee hours is not my favorite thing to do.  But now, I am happily writing my blog, and he is still working on getting his computer working.  Ahhh, big sigh, computers....nothing more to say about that.

In closing, it's All In A Day. 

A great Day!  Thank you for spending part of your day with me.  Would you like to share about "All In Your Day"?

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