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Monday, May 21, 2012

Back at the Cabin!

Woo hoo!  I am back in the comfort of my cozy log cabin.  I've missed this place, A LOT.  Great visit on the river, I'll miss it and Erin, Jessi & Liam too.

It's a long drive between our places, 10 hours.  I enjoy driving by myself, but am always glad to get where I am going.  The radio keeps my mind occupied; I start with a news station, and then to music, varying from current pop to old vinyl, to 70's, and lots of things in between.  We have XM radio, which is excellent for long trips!

A few other thoughts from along the way...

I enjoy watching the sun rise.

My favorite part of the trip is the first time I see the mountains in the distance! 
At first, it is a tiny blip on the horizon...

Then they are stretched out in front of me and the drive becomes up and down and around.

And then I am surrounded by them, and driving in them, and almost home!

Well, that is really my favorite part, when I get to my mountain and begin the slow meandering drive up to the cabin.  If I haven't done it already, this is when I open the windows to breath in all the fresh mountain air! And of course, there is always the car wave hello along the way!

Glad to be back! And tomorrow, we plant our garden! As for today, I am over and out!

Thanks for reading my blog, see you tomorrow,

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Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Home Sweet Home
Glad you had a good trip, and glad you made it back home.