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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Scavenging Squirrels

I really enjoy watching the variety of birds that come to our many feeders every day.  We feed them black oil sunflower seeds, which they love.  So do these little scoundrels...but they're cute, right?  Especially this little one, which I believe is a Red Squirrel.

Cute as they may be, the eat far more seeds than the birds do, are very quick, scavenge all around the cabin for other tidbits they might like, and chatter loudly when I chase them off.

I've done some research about options to keep all squirrels from the feeders.  My friend Patti said they make great stew...and though I am not opposed to trying it, the cleaning part of hunting is something I have not taken a shine to yet.  I did discover though, that squirrels do not like spicy flavors and birds don't care about it; adding cayenne pepper to the seeds could deter the scavenging squirrels!

Guess what, it works in the morning when the cayenne pepper is fresh, but it does seem that as the day progresses, the potency wears off.  It is especially effective with the large grey squirrels we have but the little red squirrels are stubbornly tenacious!  And shrewd!  This little one was pushing my limits...almost daring me to try to shoo it away.

It slyly jumped down between 2 posts and acted like it didn't think I could see it.

Then it climbed up...
...and crawled to a piece of wood holding a small garden statue and started nibbling on the wood!  This was actually pleasing to me, I'd rather have it eating wood than my bird seed!  These little squirrels are fascinating though...look how it's little claws are holding on...stupendous!

It got tired of the wood, and went for one of the feeders.  It hid behind this post, decided it wasn't going to jump to the feeder (I'm hoping it's because of the cayenne pepper)...
...and decided it was better to eat what the birds kicked to the floor (which makes me wonder if the cayenne pepper has anything to do with anything).

Then it slyly jumped back up on the railing, freezing stiff, as if it were no longer a suspicious threat...as if this statuesque stance would get me to go away!

I don't speak squirrel, but it sure did bark at me when I shooed it away...these little scavenging squirrel scoundrels are tough!

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Thanks for reading my blog, you are the best f/f/r/s/f's, see you tomorrow,


Osage Bluff Quilter said...

I watched a squirrel and robin battle yesterday in the trees here at folk s hook. Yeah tomorrow!

Wear jeans and good walking shoes. Maybe bring an umbrella, it's rained and hailed here today.

See ya soon!

Lise said...

That's my plan...not rain nor sleet nor hail nor snow will keep me from coming, walking through the campus with you, into town if we can, and just visiting! Woo hoo!

Roger Owen Green said...

they are annoyingly clever creatures

Leslie: said...

We have squirrels scurrying around here, too. I try not to think of them as rats with bushy tails - lol

abcw team

Reader Wil said...

Great fun post about the squirrel! . I wish you a great day !
Wil, ABCW Team.

Powell River Books said...

We have squirrels, but it is rare for them to venture down the cliff to the cabin deck. But when they do, they are fun to watch. We've had a marauding woodrat that is decimating my flowers and plants every night. If it doesn't stop soon we'll have to get our live trap out and do a relocation projects. The hard part, if we relocate one, another seems to take over the vacant territory soon thereafter. - Margy

Dad/Pepere said...

Did I ever tell you how mom and I raised 3 new born squirrels? Good story telling at Thanksgiving after we eat of that good home made mountain food. Hugs!

Lise said...

LOL Roger, and I'm told delicious too!

That would make them very unappetizing Leslie, LOL!

Thanks Wil, same to you!

Margy, I really like those live traps, we move lots of mice that way! But critters seem to have the upper hand, they always return in one way or another!

Yes, I remember that story dad. But I'd love to hear it again! Hugs back

Melanie said...

Loved your pictures and your commentary. What a character!

Lise said...

A little rascal Melanie! Thanks for stopping by:)

Mardi said...

I found your blog looking for rustic fences on Pinterest. I keep squirrels away form my plants by cutting hair from my brush and sprinkling it around the plants. Refresh the clippings every so often.

Lise said...

Thanks for visiting Mardi, I am going to try that method...sounds fascinating!