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Friday, January 24, 2014

It's Cold In These Hills

It's been so cold the wood stove has been workin' hard to keep us warm...and I'm happy to say it's been burning off some of yesterday's melted mess...that gets a big woo hoo from me!  Thanks for all your suggestions, I've still got some cleaning to do.

We woke this morning to -4F. Snow still on the ground. Faucets dripping water to keep the lines from freezing (catching it in buckets for later use).  Icicles along the roof line.  The big flakes in our Admiral FitzRoy's storm glass indicating we might get more snow.

They say it hasn't been this cold in these hills for a very long while.  Most people aren't liking it.  I have to admit, we do...I know, kind of crazy...taking turns waking up throughout the night to stoke the wood stove, bundling up to go to the basement and check the pipes, sleeping with the covers over my head to stay warm...relishing these moments that we may never experience again. 

The past two days have been so cold I haven't walked to the mailbox and Johny's taken Bear...
 ...that's pretty bundled up for him...if it were me I'd have a scarf around my neck!

On my walk to see my friend Bertie today, I saw these cool ice spikes on our tiny frog pond in the woods...
...and was greeted by this handsome Cardinal upon my return...

Life is good, sub freezing cold included!

Thanks for reading my blog, you are the best f/f/r/s/f's, see you tomorrow,


A Colorful World said...

Love the frost pictures, and also that neat blue one in the next post where you can see the snowflakes!

Vicki Lane said...

I love the ice spikes in the pond!

Dad/Pepere said...

And I thought it was cold here at 55 degrees...brrrrr!Hugs!

Glenda Beall said...

I love your photos, Lise. You remind me of Barry and me when we first moved to the mountains from south Georgia. We couldn't get enough of the snow.
It is beautiful and I do admire you for being wood stove people. I couldn't go that far, even back then.
But you are young and strong and that is enough.

Lise said...

I agree Marie, nature never ceases to amaze!

I thought they were pretty cool too Vicki...never saw them before.

I'm sure you have your woolies on dad! Try to stay warm. Hugs back:)

Thanks Glenda, we do enjoy the wood stove, including the work it takes to keep it stoked.