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Monday, January 27, 2014


I was sitting in the living room last night when I saw something moving on the porch railing...
...I realized it was a small raccoon, watching my every move.  I waved my arms to shoo it away and turned on the porch lights hoping to keep it from returning.
But return it did, treading like a stalker until it found nothing of interest and left. I know that are raccoons all over these woods and mountains, but I've never seen a raccoon right up at the cabin.  Makes me wonder what attracted it in the first place...there isn't any food out there and all the bird seeds are eaten by nightfall.  Overall I thought it was kind of cool...he didn't appear sick or rabid...but we'll have to keep an eye out in case it returns.

Speaking of visitors, I noticed today that I've had over 100,000 pageviews of my blog since it's inception almost two years ago.  While this doesn't indicate individual people, it's still exciting to have people looking at (and hopefully reading) what I'm writing.  Thank you to all of you, my friends/family/readers/subscribers/followers, for stopping by, I thoroughly enjoy writing about and sharing my log cabin life.
Thanks for reading my blog, you are the best f/f/r/s/f's, see you tomorrow,
Lise (sounds like lease)


Osage Bluff Quilter said...

WOW, now that's a big number! Lots of readers! Congratulations!

NCmountainwoman said...

Yes, when we live amongst the animals some of them are going to get a little too close. We've even had a 'possum in our garage.

Dad/Pepere said...

I would discourage the raccoon from returning by using a water pistol to shoo him away...they can be a real pest and get into the building, cellar, etc. As to your blog, I look forward to your daily musings...Hugs!

Powell River Books said...

Congrats on the pageview accomplishment. It takes a while to build up enough content, but once you get a good following it only grows.

No sure if I told you this story. We had a kitty door in the bedroom when we lived in Los Angeles. We were near a park and quite a few critters nearby. One day I came in from the garage and thought a stray cat was at the food bar in the kitchen. I waved my arms, and then realized it was a raccoon. He (she?) turned and moved aggressively towards me. I backed off and waited for the raccoon to exit the way it had come in. Once it went into the bedroom, I closed the door most of the way, but peaked through the crack. It somehow climbed our glass slower stall and sat perched on top, claiming its new territory. It took quite a while to decide to leave. We had quite a few visitors through that door before we decided to keep our cats indoors only. The worst were the raccoon (once), a skunk (once), and possums (too many times to count). - Margy

Lise said...

Thanks Patti, I am pretty pleased with it. I know it's not necessarily individual readers, but it's still a lot of page views!

True NCmountainwoman, I'm actually surprised we don't see more right up at the cabin. We see lots of them on our critter cam when we put it in our woods.

Good idea dad, maybe it will work on the raccoon because it sure didn't work on the squirrels for long. Hugs back!

Thanks Margy, I'm pleased with how many people enjoy my blog. You never told me this story, it's funny in a lot of ways, though wildlife can be dangerous. Have you closed off the door now?

A Colorful World said...

How adorable! I would have been very excited!

By the way, a cuckoo clock at the cabin...how nice that must be. Love those too!