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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Hummingbird's Hum

Have you ever felt the power of a Hummingbird?  The wind generated by their wings is easily felt when they pass close to you, and the sound they make is "hmzzzzz", best as I can describe it.  They are fascinating creatures.  Loners mostly.  Extremely territorial.  Physically aggressive to protect what is theirs.  Extravagant dancers during the courting season.

The Hummer we have here is the Ruby Throated Hummingbird.  Right now, we have 2.  I believe a male and female, based on the courting I have seen.  Here is a video of his courting her, the dance he does is to show his prowess.  When he dips up to the leaves, he is going to her; you don't see it but when he exits to the right, she is following.

I have found it incredibly difficult to capture them with my camera.  They are quick, and elusive, and not interested in human company.  And I believe they do not care for white things, because when I am on the porch near the feeders in my pj/s, they are dissuaded from coming to the feeder.  I will continue on this quest to capture them for you, because I want to share these incredible creatures with you.  In the meantime, you have a taste for what these beauties are like.

His beautiful, though blurry, red throat. 

If you live in a place that will tolerate hummingbirds, the feed is simple. Red attracts them, so you don't need a fancy feeder, just one with red.  Use 1 cup of boiled, to 1/4 cup of sugar, dissolved into the boiled water.  It is important to make sure your vessels are clean; boil the jars in water and scrub the plastic parts cleat to be sure there is no mildew or dirt.  You also want to be sure everything is room temperature before hanging out for them to feed.

When I tell you they like red, while this may be a bit personal, I had hung our clothes out to dry, including my red panties, and no kidding, the hummer was at the red panties.  So when I say you don't need fancy, I mean it.  Red is good.

Do you have hummers?  If so, what kind?  What do you feed them?  What type of feeders do you use?  Share your hummer experiences:)


Carol said...

We have had hummingbirds every year & enjoy them. P,my husband, saw one Sunday a.m. I placed the feeder on the front porch yesterday in the same place. Sometimes if we are very still sitting, the hb will come to eat. Not sure what kind they are...we live in middle TN. Also I keep 2 feeders so there will be a clean one to put out. We make our own food. Last year wasps were a problem---we used petroleum jelly & water to discourage them away from the feeder.

I look forward to reading your posts.

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

We too have hummers and I really enjoy them. In the top of season, it's nothing for me to go through 3 qts of sugar water a day! I mix my water just like you do. No need to tint it, the feeder has red on it.

They are still slow at coming in, I've never seen more than a couple so far, but when it gets hot they will come!

Tipper said...

Lise-the girls call them 'red necked humming birds' LOL : )