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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Today, I Give Gratitude

I have not been to church since our last family reunion in March.  I enjoy the gathering, particularly for special family events.  But I find myself more connected to God and All That Is Good here in the mountains than anywhere else.  While I appreciate the togetherness of a gathering of people to pray, especially when it is my family, and I certainly acknowledge the power that prayer in numbers has, I find the majesty of what surrounds me to be most spiritual.

Today, we finished (at least what we could), planting the garden.  We have a spot left for some red and sweet potatoes we are sprouting, and we still have to finish the Three Sisters garden with beans and squash, but that has to wait until the corn is 4" tall (hoping we get there).  But when I stood there, marveling at the land before me,
observing with joy all we put into clearing the land and then planting all our sprouts and seeds, I was beside myself.  I was filled with such a sense of accomplishment, satisfaction, but more importantly, GRATITUDE!  It may not look like much yet, but all I could think about was the fascination of life, and reaping what you sow, and I was so happy with what we had done and appreciative of the opportunity. 

Later today I planted our herbs.  We have a lovely selection, each in a new home that I am sure they will be happy in (yes, I spoke to each and every one as I do with everything I plant).
Again I was filled with that same calmness and peace, and I thanked God and All That Is Good for my life. 

There is no doubt that I don't think about gratitude as often as I should.  But today, right now, I remember. 

So I thank God and the Universe for having me in this space right now.  I am surrounded by All That Is Good, and I am glad in it.

With sincere gratitude, thank you for reading my blog, see you tomorrow,


Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Right with you sister. Amen!

Tipper said...

A post of true thankfulness : )